About the project

The project «Interregional informational and educational action «Living traditions. Vladimir Horn Players» is implemented by the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Information Technologies «Digital Technologies for Society» with the support of the Russian Cultural Foundation (direction «Folk Art») within the framework of the National Project «Culture». This action is held in June-October 2021 and is a continuation and development of projects under the Living Traditions brand, implemented in 2019-2021.

The project «Living Traditions. Vladimir Horn Players» is aimed at popularizing the traditions of the primordially Russian musical instrument – the horn – and the culture of horn music, which had deep roots in the Vladimir land, where in the last quarter of the 19th century a choir of Vladimir horn players arose under the direction of N.V. Kondratyev. This ensemble has become widely known not only in Russia, but also abroad. Its traditions were continued by various groups in the XX century. Today these cultural traditions are supported and developed by the ensemble «Vladimir Horn Players». The preservation and transmission of samples of traditional musical culture, which is on the verge of extinction, to the younger generation, is one of the goals of the project «Living Traditions. Vladimir Horn Players». The task is to attract attention to folk art in its modern interpretation, including through the competent mobilization of digital resources.

Interregional informational and educational action «Living traditions. Vladimir Horn Players» includes a number of events:

  • creation of an information site on the history of the Vladimir horn, horn music and the creative activity of the «Vladimir Horn Players» ensemble;
  • publication of an art album (in Russian and English) «Living Traditions. Vladimir Horn Players» with an attachment in the form of a CD-disc with historical tunes, folk songs and other works performed by the ensemble «Vladimir Horn Players»;
  • creating a video about the history and modernity of the Vladimir horn and horn music for distribution in popular social networks;
  • holding a concert-presentation «Living Traditions. Vladimir Horn Players» and an exhibition of ancient wind musical instruments, arts and crafts of the Vladimir region. The final events of the action took place on October 22, 2021 at the Regional Palace of Culture and Art (Vladimir, Announcer Levitan st., 4).

Interregional informational and educational action «Living traditions. Vladimir Horn Players» is carried out in cooperation with the Regional Center of Folk Art.

The project was supported by the Department of Culture of the Vladimir Region.