Malyonkin Sergey

Малёнкин Сергей Александрович

Baritone tenor. Multi-instrumentalist (balalaika, Vladimir horn, panpipe, zhaleika, kalyuka).

Sergey Malyonkin dreamed of playing the balalaika from early childhood and began to study music at the age of 8. He graduated from the Vladimir Music College, then – the Institute of Arts of the Vladimir State University.

Sergey is constantly honing his performing skills. In the hands of a virtuoso musician, the balalaika is sad and worried, dances and sings, forcing the audience to experience deep emotions. The combination of sincerity and self-irony in the performance of folk music leaves a mark on the soul of the most demanding audience.

Sergey Malyonkin is a member of many musical projects. Laureate of all-Russian and international competitions.