Novoselsky Alexander

Новосельский Александр Валентинович

Baritone. Performer of playing the Vladimir horn (bass, semi-bass), zhaleika, panpipe; choreographer, stunt performer.

The artistic biography of Alexander Novoselsky began with the children's studio  "Rus" of the Regional Center of Folk Art. Classes in the collective laid the foundations of three genres at once: vocals, choreography and playing folk instruments. The originality of the artistic face of the studio made it possible to determine the choice of a profession.

He served in the 55th Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Air Force. He has a higher education. For a long time he worked in the State Vocal and Choreographic Ensemble "Rus" named after M. Firsov.

Currently he is one of the leading soloists of the ensemble "Vladimir Horn Players".  Equally professional and creative, he treats the performance of a varied repertoire, which includes old melodies, modern arrangements, and even classical music.

Alexander Novoselsky: "I am glad that the Vladimir horn has not sunk into oblivion.  It lives and improves. The beauty of our open spaces, forests and rivers is in its tunes. This is a symbol of mighty Russia!"